Sunday, February 12, 2012


This was unofficially called “Sniffles Week.”
The final week of rehearsals is called "Dead Week" (followed by Spring Break which is when we all come back to life) and so working backward, the students came up with names for each week. Five weeks before the play is now officially called "Sniffles Week."
At this point we had lost several rehearsal days due to weather and sickness. Several actors had colds, two had chicken pox and one is scheduled for knee surgery and in the mean time has to limp around the stage.
On Monday, I went to Mark Phillips’s studio (Doctor Obvious Studios) to work on music and sound effects. We discussed the choices as well as specific order of the music.
All of it will be composed by Mark. After the play, all the tracks will be available on iTunes as the soundtrack for “The Pinocchio Project.” Mark came up with the idea of naming each song after appropriate sci-fi references in literature and movies.
There are 8 scenes in the play and at the start of this week, we had only blocked four of them.
By Saturday, we had blocked everything except the last few pages of the play.
Dad and are still tinkering with the ending.
On Saturday, we spent a great deal of time choreographing a crucial moment in the play. It was at that point we realized we might end up with a fairly creepy moment in the play that might be frightening to younger children.

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