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The Try-Out Scripts
(Dec 12-16)

Each year, we write four short try-out scripts.
These are intentionally vague and don’t necessarily reveal anything about the actual play. They are meant to test certain concepts and to look for ideas based on how the students perform them.
This year, the students jumped right in, trying different approaches and being very creative. They gave us several good ideas to use in the play.
These are the try-out scripts for this year.

A Question of Love
A: So you love me.
B: I do.
A: I’m sorry if I seem skeptical, but I’m (pause) skeptical. You’ve never indicated that you had any feelings for me.
B: I have feelings. For you. A lot of feelings.
A: Really?
B: Very much so.
A: Why do you love me?
B: Oh, you know—you’re just so (pause) loveable.
A: I don’t believe you. There’s something weird going on here.
B: Weird?
A: You don’t act like someone who is in love.
B: Do you want me to giggle and write poetry?
A: Not necessarily. But you could at least smile.
B: Okay. (smiling) There. How’s that?
A: Creepy.

The Interview
A: There’s just one last question.
B: Great.
A: If you get the job, how would you deal with unforeseen complications involving legal ramifications?
B: Um…what do you mean?
A: Complications involving such things as guidelines, regulations (pause) laws… How would you feel if it was necessary for you to bypass some of these things?
B: You mean (pause) do something (pause) illegal?
A: Not “illegal” necessarily. Let’s call it “blurry.”
B: “Blurry.”
A: Yes. What if you were required to do something “blurry.”
B: You mean “illegal”?
A: No! (pause) How would you feel about doing something that was a little “fuzzy” around the edges?
B: You mean “illegal”?
A: No! Just bending the system—just a little.
B: Oh! Now I understand! You mean (pause) illegal.

A: Apparently you left your country rather quickly.
B: Yes. I left quickly away from my land of being born.
A: Why did you leave so quickly?
B: For because I was on the airplane. It was going quickly.
A: No. I mean, why did you leave in such a hurry?
B: I was quickly hurrying for because the airplane was very soon about leaving. So I quickly ran throughout the airport.
A: I’m not making myself clear. (pause) Were you in some sort of trouble? Is that why you left your country in such a hurry?
B: Oh! Yes. I was very much not in trouble. No trouble.
A: No trouble?
B: Yes, there was trouble.
A: Was there or was there not trouble?
B: Yes. (pause) There was not any trouble expect yes.
A: You’re not making any sense.
B: Yes. I am not making trouble. I would like coffee. Would I have some coffee please? Is that the right word? Coffee? Java caffeine bean thank you please?

A: Are you ready?
B: I believe so.
A: Good. (pause) Remember, we’re looking for extremes.
B: Extremes. Got it.
A: (pause) Happiness.
B: What a wonderful morning! Look at the beautiful trees and
the birds and the sunrise! This is going to be a wonderful day!
A: All right. (pause) Sadness.
B: Gray light seeps through the grimy window. The birds twitch like trash caught in the wretched trees. I hate life.
A: Okay. (pause) Suspicion.
B: There’s something outside. The sun casts shadows wherein lurk the birds who stare from their perches. Staring…staring…
A: And finally…anger.
B: (long pause) After doing a lot of thinking, I have come to a significant conclusion concerning your mental state. (pause) You’re stupid.
A: Great.

On the Thursday before Christmas Break (Dec 15), we told the students the basic idea for the play and gave a brief description of what would happen in the first scene.

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